Talking about Space Beers

Talking about Space Beers

Producer Maurice Schutte has been on the road to give a few talks about Space Beers.


On Friday February 2nd students of the university of Amsterdam were invited to the brewery of Two Chefs to get a presentation how a film idea like Space Beers came along and how a meeting during the Cannes Film Festival set the production team on an amazing adventure. During the presentation they also got an inside look how it all came together and how a simple line in the script starts a chain reaction of things that need to happen. In addition they saw casting tapes of actors auditioning for the same role. The students were challenged to “cast” an actor based on the a character profile. This ensued in a fun discussion with lots of beers.


On Tuesday February 13th the producer was invited to the talk show “What’s up?” in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. Although talking briefly about how the project came together, the main focus switched to tokenizing our IP and why the producers decided to introduce a Blockchain into Space Beers. What are the benefits and what does this mean for film development, rights management and distribution in the future?

Sadly enough non of these presentation were recorded. But head over to our campaign page to find out more about our blockchain/token.