Happy Holidays

With the holiday season around the corner there is no better moment to reflect back on 2018. On January 12th we tokenized our brand and launched our Tokit campaign, enabling fans and supporters to join us on our adventure of things to come. Although we didn’t hit our 100% target, the support was overwhelming and we were able to continue creating our wacky space adventure.

Making a film is not easy. There is a reason why – to quote actor James McAvoy – filmmaking is a miracle of collaboration. So many things need to fit together. But it’s something truly amazing when everything comes together. And 2018 gave us the first glimpse when everything starts to click and come together for Space Beers.

Creating aliens
Over the recent months we met a lot of talented people that joined the project to create aliens to fill our alien bar. Our most prolific character this year is – without doubt – the alien fish that we still haven’t given a name. It’s a character we never expected to see in real life. At best it would be a CGI character. But that also meant it would be a character that would not even make it into the production. Our Tokit campaign saved the fish from the cutting block. Strangely enough we wanted to keep the fish from the public eyes, afraid that it would ruin the viewing experience. We were a bit naive. Because showing the fish around actually strengthen our vision and commitment to the project.

The creation of the fish came with its share of setbacks. One day we will show you what happened. But he is almost done. He will swim into 2019 as a complete functional and beer gulping animatronic. And we can’t wait to share him with you all! And the same goes for the other aliens that have been created in the meantime.

2018 also proved us that the production of Space Beers is a story to tell. We found a keen interest from filmmakers and marketers alike that wanted to hear what we are doing and – especially – how. In 2017 we created Space Monkey, our beer that ties into our (film) universe. And back in January we tokenized our brand, making it one of the first film projects pioneering the world of Blockchain. This all lead us to create a talk called “Beer, Aliens, and Blockchain”. A talk that has been given at universities, several media events and even was part at a keynote event. These opportunities truly blew our minds and more talks are planned next year.

We have been a bit quiet over the last several weeks but that’s because we are working on a few special things. Fans know we have launched another Tokit campaign to support the realization of our short (Space Beers: The Beginning). In the meantime though, we have started to embrace Space Beers as a brand. This means that Space Beers will branch out into different media starting 2019. Soon our Space Monkey beers will get some company from another physical product. And that’s only the start. This new product will also be part of our tokenized brand.

Our journey continues with the amazing help and all other things that happened this year. We cannot wait to start sharing all the plans we have been working on. And this does include a special video snippet.

For now we wish everybody a great holiday season!