Time flies when you are making a film

Yeesh! Three weeks have passed. What are you guys up to?

It’s been a while since we last wrote an update regarding the development of Space Beers, so here we go!

The team at KelatowFX have been extremely busy with designing and making aliens for our upcoming film. One of these aliens is Diamond-Belly, portrayed by Meriyem Manders. We have been posting regular updates on the design process and how such a full body suit alien is made. You can view earlier posts on this blogs to see how. We ran into a small issue that delayed the full revelation of the character. This had to be fixed before we could move on. Another challenge was finding her character in how she looked. Earlier designs were sculpted but didn’t quite work, so we had to redo Diamond-Belly. Progress has since been made, here’s a recent update:

(Sculpting of Diamond-Belly’s head @ KelatowFX – April 12th, 2018)

In the meantime, we’ve had several meetings with the animatronic and visual effects teams. Many beers were imbibed as we figured out how every shot could be realized either with animatronics or visual effects. This process has taken some weeks to cover all scenes.

Though we won’t be releasing any images of the animatronic characters (we want there to be surprises when you see the film!), here is a picture of one of the meetings.

(Animatronics & visual-effects meeting @ A’DAM&co – March 30th, 2018)

Last but not least: our beer! For over a year our Space Monkey RPA beer has been helping to promote Space Beers. A new batch is currently brewing so we can continue to spread the word. The beer is canon! No really, it’s tied in with the Space Beers film universe, and will also make an appearance during the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.

(Checking the coloring of the new batch of Space Monkey. On the day of brewing @ Two Chefs – March 27th, 2018)

As you can see, we are working hard behind-the-scenes to get this project off the ground. Many challenges lie ahead. We are still a bit short of our main budget, but in the meantime we’re refining and tweaking, preparing every little detail so that when the time comes to film we can hit the ground running!

Till then – cheers & beers!