Introducing: Diamond-Belly


Portrayed by: Meriyem Manders
Alien design & special make-up by: KelatowFX

Diamond-Belly is a clone, engineered from an ancient lineage of ‘designer concubines’ raised specifically to adorn the arms of the galaxies most powerful movers and shakers. However, a fault in Diamond-Belly’s DNA coding led to her gaining excessive weight from a very young age, the result of which saw her cast out and banished from the elite concubine sisterhood.

Diamond-Belly is a huge (pun intended) step toward the next phase of Space Beers: The Beginning. The character will be introduced in the next live-action teaser; the last “test” before we start filming Space Beers: The Beginning.

Tokit info
While our Tokit campaign is still underway (‘til March!), we’ve already crossed our minimal funding threshold, and can therefore start the creation of Diamond-Belly — from concept sketches to actress in body suit in a live-action teaser. You’ll be able to follow the process via this website — the production diary of Space Beers. And we still have several more aliens to introduce, so be sure to support Space Beers on! > Space Beers: Tokit campaign page.